Happy July, everyone! Mink and I are now happily unemployed for the next month and a half or so, and we’re going to enjoy Vienna/our friends visiting/the other places we go to as much as possible before leaving (altogether too soon) at the beginning of August. Schade! It’s been a busy weekend! Bryno arrived from […]


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Arcade Fire Sets Austria on Fire

Last night Mink, Lauren and I travelled to the small Austrian town called Wiesen to see Arcade Fire in concert. I’ve been waiting to see this band for a long time, and they were everything I expected they would be — magical, adorable, crazy talented. They’re based in Montreal, Canada, and according to a friend […]

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One Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, Mink and I decided to go to the naschmarkt and wander down aisles full of food and trinkets and sketchy objects, buy some falafel and hummus, take some photos, and people-watch. The naschmarkt is open all year long, but it’s obviously way more fun to go in […]

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