One Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, Mink and I decided to go to the naschmarkt and wander down aisles full of food and trinkets and sketchy objects, buy some falafel and hummus, take some photos, and people-watch. The naschmarkt is open all year long, but it’s obviously way more fun to go in the summer to check out the flea market on Saturday mornings (barring a 5 a.m. night out the Friday before). It was a sultry summer day, so the place was packed:

The stalls range from pure junk to Austrian memorabilia to crazy antiques (note: we have exhibited extreme self control in not buying one of the amazing gramophones that always seem to make an appearance).

Some of the day’s best finds:

Two monkeys and a creepy doll’s head.

An all-yellow outfit to die for.

A large, gilt-framed mirror (girls not included):

Barrels full of something mysterious.

A small, spoiled dog.

Slightly strange-looking man and faithful friend:

Karlskirche is not really part of the naschmarkt, but we walked past and I’ve been meaning to take a photo of it forever.

This is, without a doubt, the most beautiful city I’ve ever had the privilege of living in, sketchy flea market included.


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