About Me

photo cred: julien s

My name is Amy. I live in Toronto, Canada.

By day, I work as a writer, researcher, and content manager. At night, I go to concerts and run in ravines and read books and take pictures and explore cities and have adventures, which I write about and then post here sometimes.

I love dogs, DJs, good wine, exploring new places, crossword puzzles, long and meandering conversations, and cemeteries. And words, always words.

Most of the photos on this site are taken by me, unless otherwise noted/credited or in a very old post (apologies, I was new at the blog thing back then!). You’re welcome to use my photos for personal blogs, but please credit and provide a link to http://www.fromneartofar.com. Thanks!

WordPress informs me that I’ve been on this journey From Near to Far for five years now, since August 2010. Pretty crazy.



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hello my darling, ok so I am caught up on your fun life and I notice you have not yet taken your auntie to the opera, done the greenway from Wolkersdorf to Wien, or did I miss that one? xoxopatti


  2. Hey! love the site! thanks for posting about the horseshoe show and your time with us and thanks SO much for hanging out with us and letting us crash wednesday night. We had a blast with you guys. We hope to be back soon for more fun!!


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