Cool Places: A Winter Project

Ha, so remember that time I promised you tales of wonder and adventure from some of the cool places I’ve travelled to recently?

Looks like life got in the way of that for a solid six months or so… work and freelancing and travelling to weddings and other general shenanigans tend to make the months fly by these days. And I do love all of that – the friends and the socializing and the research and everything about those parts of my life. But now I’m home for the holidays with some time to myself; time to reflect and consider and remember and write things down. You’re probably grinning with anticipation of the awesomeness to come – if, in fact, it ever comes. Your skepticism is warranted.

I write a lot for my career. In fact, that’s pretty much all I do from day to day. It’s awesome. But, I don’t often carve out the time to write outside of my job and my freelance work. My ONE resolution for 2016 is to write more for myself – on this blog, in my journal, even other places online. Your eyes on this blog will make me accountable to that goal.

2016: the year of writing!

As I promised back in the summer, the first cool place I’m writing about is Teufelsberg, a hill in the Grunewald in Berlin…


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