Miami Countdown 3. Walk the boardwalk


5. Stroll along the Hollywood boardwalk

Our penultimate day in Miami started out rather grey and cold – and by cold, I mean it was still at least +20. But it felt like near-winter after a week of blistering sunshine. We gravely donned sweaters and stepped out into the bleak mid-morning for a walk along the modest boardwalk in Hollywood, FL.

There weren’t many people out at first, and there were definitely very few of them on the beach or braving the waves. Despite the grey skies, that water still catches the eye in every photo though, damn:


We stopped at a cute cafe that was open to the boardwalk and sat down for a late brunch. Since it was a Mexican place, most of us ordered legit tiny tacos filled with fried fish or carnitas. Laur and I also ordered these fancy-looking soda pops:


I’d never heard of tamarind-flavoured soda before, but it was like the nectar of the gods.

We awkwardly tried to ignore the pushy man who was complaining about last night’s meal and how he was going to sue the owner for negligence for giving his wife food poisoning (allegedly). Being Canadian and all, naturally it would have been rude to leave in light of this disconcerting information – especially since we’d already ordered.

But brunch was uneventful, no one got food poisoning, and we had a look in some kitschy tourist shops and bought nothing – my favourite kind of touristy shopping.


And by the time we’d left the boardwalk to drive back to downtown Miami for the afternoon, the sun was out and it was again +30 degrees. It’s hard to disagree with anything about a city when it’s that nice to you.

Up next: The astounding Rubell Family Collection!


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