Miami Countdown 4. Cruise down Millionaire’s Row


4. Take a boat cruise down Millionaire’s Row

 On yet another beautiful afternoon, we took a boat ride through the turquoise waters around Miami. My friend Anthony told me that this was an awesome way to spend a few hours on a sunny day and to see the city – without getting stuck in an endless line of traffic.

We got a great view of some of the city’s main attractions, as well as a short trip down Millionaire’s Row – where we got to see where the likes of Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias live. I’m not really one to follow celebrity lives or give a damn about where they live, but these were some beautiful houses.

The take-off point.

We hung out in the open air shopping centre for a while, and then were first in line for the cruise when our time came. There were a few cool buildings to see before we hit more open waters.

Miami Heat!

A cool boat and the massive home of someone famous.

Mansions for days.

Pictured below is a lush little island that people can boat to and where they can hang out on the beach. If I’m not mistaken, I don’t think you have to be filthy rich to enjoy this island.

Island times.

This here is Al Capone’s famous Miami Beach estate. They were redoing it when we cruised by, and soon it will be beautifully restored and ready to be back in action for photo shoots and videos, a true celebrity mansion that lives on beyond its celebrity occupant. Capone died in this house (behind the little guard post you see here) in January 1947.

Al Capone's old digs.

We saw some other mansions and yachts and such, but they all kind of blend together when you’re not fabulously rich and have no desire to be. (Although for full disclosure: I should note that Ricky Martin was my first “big” concert when I was in middle school, and I had a crush on him that was real and pure and true. So, seeing his house did give me a little thrill. Vacation, though – I can indulge a little.)

We did get a great look at Miami as a whole. Whenever I think Toronto’s getting dense as I look at it from the Toronto Islands perspective out over the water, I should remember that it’ll get a lot more crowded in the coming decades. It’s impressive when you can take it all in at once, though!

View of Miami skyline.

And of course, no boat ride in Florida is complete without some dolphins cruising by on their own. This pod was pretty big, and they swam by to say hey at a leisurely pace. They’re probably paid off by the cruise line to show up on a regular basis, or something.


As we got back to the city, we wound through the canals of downtown Miami to check out a few more skyscrapers. The number of people that must live in each of these gigantic buildings! But they have the right idea – screw chilly glass Toronto condos, get one with a balcony in the Miami heat.

Through the skyscrapers.

I just liked the sun reflecting off of this one – no idea what might be hiding behind those formidable glass walls.

Sun spot.

Up next: Boardwalking on a windy day.


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