Strassenkunst (Street Art!) in Wien

So! Tomorrow Mink, Peter and I are flying from Bratislava to Brussels and meeting Laura and Julien, and then we’re all going to Amsterdam for a night! It’s going to be epic. Tales to follow, assuming we survive it all.

But, I wanted to post a few pictures from around Vienna before the weekend hijinks. Although the city is immaculately clean in many areas, there is street art everywhere (the “strassenkunst” in the title is my own translation, but I think it’s right. German’s pretty straightforward in that adding word+word(usually)=word you want). The best part of the city for graffiti is definitely the Donaukanal, as far as I’ve seen, anyway, and I want to go back and take some photos — not that they really do justice to the amazing pieces along the banks. The canal reminds me of some of the amazing graffiti in Montreal, since it’s accepted as being legitimately awesome in a lot of parts of that city.

However, I also love seeing the random posters, tags, graffiti, stickers, etc. that inevitably pepper any decently sized city. Here are a few photos, and even fewer words to accompany them (since I’m lazy and busy these days and photos are sometimes better than words):

A dead yellow bird (along the gurtel).

And his friend, with some wise words (also the gurtel).

A sexy bikini man (at the naschmarkt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this guy in real life here).

It’s for you. Yes, you.

Onionhead (near stadthalle, and my favourite find of the day).

I learned about the guy who does these (I think) in Exit Through the Gift Shop (gurtel, by a dirty street food stand).

Suspiciously like one Homer J. Simpson…(by Cafe Phil on Gumperndorferstrasse.)

This crazy tree sculpture (a random park in the 22nd district).

Here it is from farther away, in all its glory!

Walking, with a stolen poster for the Urban Art Forms Festival (we do this a lot).

Welllllp, off to Brussels tomorrow! This may be the best summer ever.


2 thoughts on “Strassenkunst (Street Art!) in Wien

  1. The three pac-men are inspired by the French street artist, “Space Invader,” who was the notorious cousin of the protagonist [Thierry Guetta] in ‘Exit Through the gift Shop,” starring Banksy, Shepard Fairy, and other American/European street and graffiti artists. Love the images.


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