For Cinephiles: The Third Man

One more thing to cross off of my list!

67. See “The Third Man”

Yesterday Mink, Bryno, Peter and I went to see The Third Man, the famous 1950 movie set in post-war Vienna. The Burg Kino still plays it multiple times a week. This trailer pretty much sums up the plot:

The movie itself was awesome (scriptwriters just don’t create high-intrigue plot twists like they used to), but best of all were the many shots of the Vienna cityscape, much of it still rubble from bombings. Many of the chase scenes took place in the sewer system, which one can apparently tour (probably because of this movie) if one is so inclined. Here’s a screen shot of the mysterious third man making a break for it:

Naturally, my favourite scenes were filmed in the Zentralfriedhof — just can’t get enough of those ornate crypts, apparently. Not to give you any spoilers, but the last shot of the movie is pretty epic, with the black trees lining the avenue and Anna Schmidt walking down the centre in a black coat:

The scene with the Riesenrad is also spectacular, and has renewed my intent to ride this giant ferris wheel before leaving Vienna.

The mysterious demeanor, dapper fedora and trench coat are optional but encouraged.


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