Last Days in Dublin (Part III)

6 March Laur and I dragged ourselves out of a deep sleep coma around 12:30, since we’d decided the night before that we should probably take it easy today. Our bodies really weren’t giving us much of a choice, at this point. We had a leisurely brunch at Café Seven, during which we wrote down […]

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Trip to Galway

Five straight days of working at the bar later, I now have a lovely four-day weekend during which I can catch up on my late posts and explore some more of Vienna. Not surprisingly, it turns out that working at a bar and running around for eight hours straight is really exhausting, and I never […]

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Adventures in Dublin, Part I

92. Go to Dublin, Ireland Appropriately enough for the day after St. Paddy’s Day (which involved green beer at a pub called Paddy’s, incidentally) this is the first of three much-delayed posts on my trip with Laur to Dublin. The city was green and warm, and we had fantastic weather for the entire time we […]

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