Miami Countdown 6. Life’s a beach.

Just a regular Tuesday.

6. Chill on the beach all day

So, this is a given for any trip this far south. Especially when you leave Canada in February and it’s -28 and you step out of the airport and it’s a magical +28, even at night. So delightful. We spent three full days by the pool and on the beach just outside of the condo, amongst the very olds and the very youngs. Give me enough sunscreen and a Zadie Smith novel and a ginger ale, and I can do this lounging thing all day.

The view from the 8th floor.

And that water – it was warm and salty and wonderful. I think we swam about three times a day. Our first day at the beach was really windy, so the waves were huge and we just kept swimming out, and out, and out, into the infinite. The lifeguard did have to call us back to shore at one point, since the undertow can surprise you and take you under that beautiful water forever.

But after hours of having the waves smash into your body, and then cradle it as you float weightless and stare up at the sporadic clouds, you still feel that pull hours later as you drift off to sleep.

At sunset.

Up next: A trip to the graffiti-splashed Wynwood walls. 


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