Berlin Fest Day 3: Trentemøller and Moderat Forever.


As Sunday is traditionally a day of rest in some cultures, especially after two consecutive days of festival-going, Laur and I took it easy until late afternoon. The memory of booking a flight to Stockholm for early Monday morning was also a consideration – there was packing for the next 12 days and 4 countries to do!


We had a latte and a cappuccino at a table outside of a cute cafe, which had a charming waiter with a moustache. We strolled along the streets of Kreuzberg, and eventually ate tapas at a tiny restaurant on a random street. Red wine, shrimp, cheese on bread.

We eavesdropped on what seemed to be a blind date with a girl in her late 20s and a guy who was probably 40 or so. It was a little awkward.

At around 10, we decided to drink revitalizing Club-Mate (which Canada needs to get right now – so much better than stupid energy drinks!) and head back to the festival grounds for two final concerts. We missed a few big names, like Woodkid, which would have been fun, but we had to save our energy to see Moderat and Trentemøller.


Moderat is the genius collaboration of Apparat (one dude) and Modeselektor (two more dudes), originating in Berlin. Listen to all three, listen to them all! Both Apparat and Modeselektor have great offerings, but really Moderat is sublime and perfect and dizzyingly overwhelming in concert.

This was a huge show, since they announced that they are finished collaborating for the time being, and it was their penultimate concert in Berlin. Their last show will be there in early December, so check that out if you’re around.

Here’s a picture of their performance at Berlin Fest:

Image found here:
Image found here:

Listen to “Bad Kingdom” and you will be convinced – beware though, it’s catchy as hell:

Moderat’s set up was very technical – huge screens behind them, projected images of hands folding and constellations, flashing lights and beams straying over the beaming faces in the crowd. Their set was flawless, they were humble and so thankful for the screaming, and it felt like the perfect ending to a perfect festival weekend. It’s somehow cathartic to finally see a band you’ve been listening to for so many years.


I have loved Danish musician Anders Trentemøller since my friend Mathis first introduced me to his stuff back in 2011. I have listened to “Miss You” so much that sometimes I wake up with it in my head and smile before I’m even fully conscious:

His recorded stuff is pretty chill – see above. I know The Last Resort (2006) and Into The Great Wide Yonder (2011), and they have gotten me through some sad times. I’m sure his more recent Lost (2013) is very much worth listening to (on my list, I promise!).

At the Berlin Fest, as I’m sure you well know by now, even if you’re well-known for your ambient or chill music you really have to bring it.

And holy shit, did they ever!


I couldn’t even tell how many musicians were on the stage for most of their set, but it was loud and smoky and wonderful. So loud. I think I have about 60% hearing left – worth it. They were intense and the hangar was packed and everyone was tired but joyful. This is why listening to an album at home, nice as that is, can never match seeing your favourite music live.

We left early, filled with music and completely exhausted. The #1 city in my heart – and first city of our trip – had once again lived up to all of my towering expectations.

Never change, Berlin. I love you just the way you are.

Here’s the official video for Berlin Festival 2014 – all the cool kids and none of the coolest sets, if you ask me, but then again you don’t see me in the cool video so maybe I just don’t know. Or I just don’t get German hip hop. But I’m okay with that.

Up next, 4 days in Stockholm, where the people are tall and beautiful!


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