Dance Your Face Off: Laidback Luke and Martin Solveig

Here’s a song by Martin Solveig (featuring Kele) to get the party started, called “Ready to Go”:

Who: DJs Laidback Luke, Martin Solveig, Autoerotique, GTA
What: Embrace presents Super You & Me
Where: Sound Academy, 11 Polson Street
Price: $25
Bonus Features: Bunch of youngins in crazy costumes; $6 bottle of water; extensive hearing loss; 4 hours of sweaty, sweaty dancing

The inimitable Alex drove from NY to Toronto for the weekend, so he, Mink and I decided to do something awesome. (As is expected.) It just so happened that on Friday night at Sound Academy there was Super You & Me, presented by the always-impressive Embrace. I may be a little biased, but Embrace puts some amazing shows on in Toronto. Their credible name instills confidence in my assumption that I’m gonna have an awesome night.

The event was pretty much as you’d think it would look, smell, sound and taste based on this poster:


(Answers: bright, sweaty, LOUD and delicious.)

We got to Sound Academy just before midnight despite leaving my apartment before 11:00 pm, since waiting for the TTC is always a gamble, and especially so when you’re dealing with construction on Front Street to get to the middle of nowhere (Note: Sound Academy is a bitch to get to, so plan accordingly – as I never manage to do.). We waited in line with many drunken superheroes who were shivering in their scanty spandex. Apparently I didn’t get the memo that we’re all supposed to dress up for Super You & Me. Santa and a couple of Power Rangers were there. And the Pope.

I’m sure the first few DJ sets were impressive, but unfortunately I can’t vouch for Autoerotique and GTA because we missed them. My new obsession with the SoundCloud website tells me that both are intense and addictive.

Parisian electro-house DJ Martin Solveig was just starting as we slipped between capes and wigs and besparkled bodies to get to the front row at the stage. Dude was wearing an awesome costume and headband himself, but he normally just looks like a Euro DJ:


Solveig definitely played to the crowd, which was distinctly inebriated but pleased to be there (a crass understatement). My favourite was when he played the immensely popular song that he collaborated on with Toronto band Dragonette, called “Hello,” since Mink and I saw that band play at Canadian Music Week last March and they were a blast. Strange to see the other half of the performance, but somehow it felt appropriate to be seeing Solveig in TO as well.

After 1:00 a.m., Laidback Luke came onstage wearing what looked like a Sub-Zero costume and mask (I mistakenly referenced Street Fighter instead of Mortal Kombat the next morning, and was horribly ridiculed. My brother would be disappointed.). The costume looked suitably awesome, even if that’s not who he intended to look like:

Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat

Laidback Luke has a ton of catchy music, and the song that’s been in my head for a week straight is his “Pogo,” featuring Majestic. Unfortunately, the music video features a disturbing series of images (basically, women wearing next to nothing and bouncing on food), so I won’t include it in my post. If your curiosity has been piqued, however, you can see the video and check out other music on Laidback Luke’s site.

Questionable taste in video producing aside, the Filipino-born Dutch DJ and producer might just be the most adorable person who has ever decided to get up on a stage:


LL also played crowd favourites, and we were whipped into a carefree froth of loving life for a really long time. If Bacchus was a modern-day god, I think he’d feel right at home at an EDM show, if you know what I’m sayin’:

The Youth of Bacchus, 1884, by William Adolphe Bouguereau
The Youth of Bacchus, 1884, by William Adolphe Bouguereau

I’ll leave it on this note: a video of Laidback Luke playing “Pogo” at Sound Academy, since it pretty much sums up our wild, pleasingly exhausting night:


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