Happy Canada Day!

Here is The Hidden Cameras’ “Golden Streams” to start your morning off right (included more for the song than the video itself, heh):

This weekend a lot of big things are happening:

It’s Pride in Toronto! The final Euro Cup game is on – and if Italy wins, my intersection near Corso Italia is going to be sheer madness for the next week or something. And it’s Canada Day!

At this time last year (time zone difference excluded), I was eating pancakes for Canada Day in Vienna, it was my last day of work at IIASA, my good friend Bryan was visiting, and we spent the night distributing Canada playing cards and stickers to strangers, who were very receptive for the most part (grizzly bear stickers were included, because what better to represent Canada?).

Today, if all goes according to my hastily cobbled together plan, I will be seeing the Pride Parade, watching the Euro cup final, getting in some traditional fireworks action, and maybe even seeing The Hidden Cameras at the Harbourfront Centre.


Happy Pride! Happy Canada Day!


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