Bonjour, Janvier

Happy 2012, everyone!

Here is “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys to start the year off right (actually, listen to all of their new album, El Camino, and learn some dance moves from this guy if you really want to do it right).

I suppose this is the part where I should get all reflective on 2011 and such. If you want a breakdown of some of the best parts, please refer to previous blog entries for spontaneous traveling, taking photos of both beautiful and ugly things, making awesome friends and having random adventures with strangers, wandering cities, weddings, drinking, singing karaoke, and dancing the night away.

Looking forward now. The first days of January always have that new-car-smell thing going on, that whiff of potential for greatness (or at least, less-than-mediocreness). I am not prone to making resolutions, but I do like pretending that I am suddenly not going to be a procrastinator. At least for the first week or so. And then I resign myself to the fact that I am going to be wrapped in my duvet like a giant luxurious burrito watching reruns of shows like Freaks and Geeks and Degrassi and reading delicious secondhand books for the next couple of months. Which isn’t so bad.

I am living in a new city, with a new job, a new apartment, new friends. (“Make new friends, but keep the old,” as that old campfire song goes – I remember having to sing that song as a round, many, many times, to satisfy those tyrannical Girl Guide leaders.) There is, as usual, too much new music to discover, new albums from favourite artists as well as the up-and-comers just waiting in the wings to blow our minds with awesomeness. New concert venues in which to wrestle for coveted set lists. New wines to test. New dive bars in which to dance until last call.

No big revelations here, sorry. But I can’t help but be excited about that list…


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