Sleepless in Slovakia

50. Go to Bratislava, Slovakia On a whim, Mathis, Peter and I decided to go to Bratislava this Saturday, since it’s only 60 kilometres away from Vienna and an extremely easy bus ride away. The bus goes between Wien and Bratislava 19 times a day, and is only 14 euros round trip — it would […]

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Mardi Gras/Faschingdienstag

So, suddenly I turn around and realize that it’s almost mid-March. What’s the deal with that, March?! An epic account (including pictures! Pictures of green green green things!) of my trip to Dublin with Laur is in order, and I am getting around to writing in between working at the bar (occasionally), reading depressing novels […]

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Born Free

M.I.A. was an amazing way to end November. Since the concert was on a Tuesday night, they actually started on time… the Viennese are surprisingly prompt with things like concerts. I’m used to having a couple hours’ leeway for these things, but nope, when we got to Gasometer at 8:30, the opening band had already […]

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I Love The Bloody Beetroots

The penultimate concert of my epic November occurred on Saturday, when the Minkus and I went to see The Bloody Beetroots at a smallish venue called Arena. I initially balked at shelling out for yet another concert, but come on, it’s The Bloody Beetroots. Also, Laur saw them last week in Strasbourg and informed me […]

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Seeing Bassnectar was a bit of a surprise addition to the list of concerts I’m attending in November (which will be known as my most epic concert month yet), but it was absolutely bass-tastic. Props to my brother, Dave, for finding out that he was playing in Vienna and suggesting I go to this show. […]

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Warp 1.9

Well, it happened again: Steve Aoki blew my mind, and blew out my eardrums in the process. The epic-ness of a concert can’t really be evoked by mere words, but I’m gonna try. Here’s a photo that some random guy took of Mathis and me in the midst of the awesomeness: Apparently it’s on some […]

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