Sprechen Sie Englisch?

The end of a long day calls for a Milka, yes? Yes. This is actually the best chocolate that has ever been in my mouth (sans wrapper, of course.) I can see myself becoming addicted to to it pretty quickly, although I’m not usually a huge chocolate fan. Milka has the power to convert me that quickly. […]

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The New Minimalism

Introducing the hip new way to decorate an apartment: Minimalism! It looks effortless, especially if you’ve literally made minimal effort to enhance the space, and it really opens up your rooms to good energy flow: Some might call it squatter-chic. Most will just see it as the moving-in stage of two former students who are […]

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Quoth the Raven…

“Nevermore!” Here’s a little creepy inspiration for All Hallow’s Eve, thanks to the wonderful Christopher Walken: I’m going to be Edgar Allan Poe for the multiple Halloween parties we’re attending tonight, and the Minkus is going to be Lenore, the dead chick the speaker obsesses over in “The Raven.” We’re hopefully going to find a […]

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Getting Lost on Purpose

Yesterday was my first opportunity to really walk around the city. Even though I ended up wandering for a good 5 hours or so, I still feel like I’ve barely grazed the surface of the myriad opportunities to explore that Vienna has to offer. It still hasn’t completely sunken in that I actually get to […]

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Vienna Waits for You

Stole that title from Billy Joel, but I know he wouldn’t mind. And you can listen to his “Vienna” whilst reading this post, maybe it will enhance the unbelievable awesomeness of finally being in this city: Billy Joel knows what’s up. Here’s a quick summary of my surprisingly easy voyage across the ocean, which I […]

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